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Topic: Fair & Flawless ruined my skin!!
September 12th, 2006 09:58 AM
moriact I bought the skin lightening gelee(face, on the jar it DOES say you can use for the face or body) and the 5xf lightening gel(body), and now my skin won't stop creating pus-filled zits, and some are leaving very sark blothces! It started out good. I even have a thread about the gelee product, and they were doing good for like a week and a half week, and then it all turned for the worse when I got 3 pimples. I didn't think much of it since i have oily skin, and breakout occasionally, but then they started coming on like an army or something because now i have two big on the tip of my nose, three on my forehead, and three bigger ones along my jawline. I've had it for almost three weeks now, so I can't return it now. I paid over $200 for that stuff!! They tell you that you can't return it after two weeks. Funny, because this shit doesn't start happening and coming on until almost THREE weeks later. Hmmm...

September 12th, 2006 01:24 PM
Sparkle Wow, Im sorry to hear that Moriact, Im sure that it will clear up, just give it some time and you will be back to your nice skin. You know I'm beginning to think that all these creams will eventually do something neagtive to our skin.
September 12th, 2006 04:12 PM
moriact thanks sparkle :)
Well, I have an appointment next Wednesday with a skin doctor. I don't know what the hell is going on :( This reminds me of herbalinn and how they were shut down due to mercury being involved. God, I hope that isn't it. My face has NEVER reacted this way! I've been having severe migraines lately. I hope I do get through it Sparkle, but this isn't like a "that-time-of-the-month" breakout, this is something serious that I've never hered of ocurring.
September 12th, 2006 04:31 PM
CKingLightSkin Moricat, I made numerous threads, warning those not to use these, they will screw your skin up and rape your wallet in the process. Their 2 week "guarante" is a huge scam because they have to be returned unopend, who the hell orders something and not use it? These people are in the business for one thing and thats money, they dont care what hapend to your skin, I went through a similar case.
September 12th, 2006 05:42 PM
mileena_16 Moriact, thats awful! I understand what you are going through, because I had a similar experience with Makari it left me feeling so low and insecure.

Its true though, CKing did warn people of the Fair and Flawless company. Since I joined this board back in November of last year, I remember only reading negative things about F&F, so I took it into consideration and avoided it, and I thank god so much for that.

I hope your dermatologist can elucidate some of the reasons why your skin is acting up so bad. Perhaps its could be the ingredient list of F&F. The same thing happened to another memeber here (Brownie) her skin got so bad that she had to stop using any kind of cream for several months and avoid wearing short sleeves because her skin got so bad.

I hope your experience can stand as a warning to other members here not to mess around with bogus, decieving companies like Fair & Flawless.

Again, I'm sorry Moriact and I hope your skin heals up soon as well as your migraines. <3
September 13th, 2006 09:06 AM
moriact Thanks everyone!

Before purchasing i read positive, and negative things about F&F...mixed reviews. Some were accused of working for the company, some members of forums were accused of working for a competitors company. On the net you can never be too sure, no matter how many reviews or warnings you read. Well, I've been on this forum for a year and a half and over 500 posts so if my goal was to discredit a company for no reason now it'd be pointless. My point in saying that is so that new members, or those who a new to skin lightening are aware to stay away from the company because we are unsure what it is that causes their product to ruin your skin.
September 13th, 2006 09:35 AM
HonEB markari is definately not for delicate skin. my skin is very senstive and acne prone so i doubt i could get away with using any of makari's products.

i was considering F&F for a while but i really do believe that their products are overprised. you can buy all actives in the F&F products and make your own cream and end up saving big.

IMO, f&F is a scam. weither it the high price, or the inconsistant formula, or their pathetic excuse for a guarantee... there is definately something fishy about that company
September 13th, 2006 11:51 AM
rowina Moriact since the Makari products worked for you. Did you switch back to Makari? What are you using now?
September 13th, 2006 01:56 PM
moriact oh yeah i'm going to switch back, but i'm gonna wait until eveything is good again so that when I report them, and send pictures to the better business bureau, then i'll have proof. but yeah, when my skin is healed, i'm gonna buy the makari night cream that gave the results in my avatar :)
September 14th, 2006 08:56 AM
ModelChick the night cream is great. what r u using on ur body. by the way, im sorry for what happend to your skin.
September 14th, 2006 09:33 AM
moriact thanx model chick:)

well, i used the night cream on my body too, but that makes it run out too fast so I used the otentika complexion milk as my body lightener. It works very well, and only 7.00 dollars too, but you won't get the results as fast as the makari cream though.
September 15th, 2006 01:19 AM
sassigirl90 I'm sorry Moriact about your skin. I had the same problem with f&f when I used the f&f lightening gel. I have decided to stop buying the gel because I think it is too strong. Right now I just started using the skin soho body lightening souffle. I have used their creams before whch gave me good results. It was their 5x gel that gave me pimples on my body (I never used it on my face), mostly my back. I am going to keep everyone informed about the cream. If i start noticing any pimple on my body again, I will let everyone know. The reason i'm using the cream is because it is the only one that has worked for me and did not make me break out. Makari made me break out badly so I have decided not to ever use it again. I really think theirs 5x gel and lightening gelee is bad for our skin. That is one product I would never order any of their gels again.
September 15th, 2006 01:51 AM
rowina It's not just the 5x gel, the whole line of Fair and flawless and the company is horrible. The Fair and flawless company needs a good kick up their ass for their poor service and crappy products. Moriact, I hope the makari night cream makes you light again. You're right, makari works really fast. It lightened my complexion in just 2 weeks. After a while, I stopped using makari and my dumb ass got careless and went in the sun all summer without using a sunscreen. I'm back on the makari products now.